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 11 Promises To Make To Your Girlfriend This Valentine’s Day

1120So, its promise day. We know you are eagerly waiting to make some promises to her. But you don’t know which and what is the proper way to make those promises to make her feel more special. Check out our this article to make the best promises to your girlfriend to make her feel like the most special girl on this planet. (more…)

 Happy Rose Day – History


Rose day is the beginning of this love week. On this day you buy the roses for your loved ones. This day is celebrated as the beginning of valentine week day all over the world. On this day (more…)

 Who Is Cupid? Another Mystery Associated With St. Valentine Day

cupidFrom the time of ancient Greece and Rome, the story of Cupid’s life is one of myth and mystery associated with Valentine’s Day. (more…)

 Valentine Datesheet – Happy Valentine’s Day


Valentine Datesheet

We know that all of you are eager to know the datesheet of valentine’s week. It’s that time of year again when love bird’s like you are finding the valentine datesheet .

So now your search is over here we provided you all the information in the picture given below : (more…)

 Hug Day Quotes And Pictures – Happy Hug Day

Download This Picture

Hug Day – 12 February 2016 , Friday 

Hug Day is a special day for lover to express their feelings.

Hug is the best  way of communication without saying anything.

If someone is crying , Your one little hug can make him/her smile.

Another name for Love is Hug 

 5 Highly Surprising Facts About St. Valentine

st. valentineValentine’s Day was named in the name of St. Valentine – this much we know. But when it comes to details about the life of St. Valentine legends often supervene upon facts. (more…)

 History Of Valentine’s Day: How Did Valentine’s Day Came And Who Was St. Valentine

valentines-dayEvery February 14th the loved ones exchange flowers and gifts between them all in the name of St. Valentine Day. But we bet you don’t know anything about this mysterious saint and where did these traditions came from. Read the full article to find about all you need to know about this day. (more…)

 Romeo Juliet – A True Love Story


It was a month of July. In a home in Berona city a mask dance was held. This was the home of Romeo. On the occasion, the Juliet also came to Romeo’s house for dance. (more…)

 Two Famous Love Stories

laylaLaila and Majnu

A poet of Iran, Nizami of Ganje is known especially for his love poem Laila and Majnu. Laila And Majnu is a tale about unattainable or achieved love. This story has been told for centuries, and (more…)

 Taj Mahal – Love Story Of Shah Jahan And Mumtaz Mahal


Taj Mahal , The heart of India .
Taj Mahal has its own story which melts the heart of listeners.
A story which ended in 1631, and still alive in the form of Taj Mahal.
Taj Mahal is an example of an eternal and (more…)